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I do Tarot Readings by Telephone and Skype

Is your partner unfaithful to you?
Do you need advice on a matter whether it be work or personal?
Is your career going no where & you need guidance on what to do next?
Are you worried about money & whether you will be better off financially in the future?

I can answer all these questions now for you.
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Telephone or Whats App Me:  +44 7910 531 123

Email, telephone, skype tarot readings available 8am to midnight
Face to face tarot readings available 9am to 8pm

Email: tina@tarotcardsreader.co.uk

My name is Tina Sawhney
BSc Honours Psychology (1990), Relationships Counsellor (2016)
Diet and Nutrition Advisor (2016), Aromatherapist and Reflexologist (1999)

To get full benefit, try a combination of a Tarot Card Reading with a Massage.

I am an holistic therapist since 1999. A holistic therapist is an individual who has been trained in the art of holistic therapy. Holistic therapy is treatment which aims to treat a client as a whole, rather than as a being separated into different parts which do not interconnect. You treat the individual's body, spirit, and mind.

I offer Tarot Readings by email, telephone, skype or face to face for both men and women.  With my background of a Psychology degree and counselling: http://tarotcardsreader.co.uk/relationships-counsellor-2.htm as well as being qualified to give advice on diet and nutrition: http://tarotcardsreader.co.uk/diet-and-nutrition-advisor.htm I can help you in more ways than one. I can read the tarot cards and I am psychic: http://tarotcardsreader.co.uk/history-of-tarot-cards.htm Book a tarot reading now if you need answers to your problems: www.tarotcardsreader.fullslate.com

I do swedish massage, aromatherapy and reflexology treatments. Swedish massage is a popular general-purpose system of massage, devised in Sweden. I provide this for women only.Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes. I provide this for women only.
Click here for more information: http://tarotcardsreader.co.uk/swedish-massage-and-aromatherapy.htm 
Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body. It is the scientific study of reflex action as it affects behaviour. I provide this for both men and women. Click here for more information: http://tarotcardsreader.co.uk/reflexology-massage.htm

For security reasons, I do not provide body massages to men. I am providing massages to women only except for the reflexology massage which I provide to both men and women
. The porn industry has given massage therapists a bad name and many male clients take advantage of qualified therapists by asking them to provide illicit services.

There is 24 hrs recording CCTV monitored by staff and an alarm on the premises for the safety of staff and clients. Only clients that have booked their appointment and paid online will be permitted entry for their tarot reading or massage treatment. Friends and family are not permitted to assist the clients.
Book your massage now if you feel stressed or just need to pamper yourself with a back massage (women only), full body massage (women only) or a foot massage (men and women).
If you wish you can have a tarot cards reading and then a massage. You will leave totally relaxed after this. I offer mixed treatments via my booking site.

Sorry, no drop-ins or telephone bookings.
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Tarot cards are famous for being used by fortune tellers, but they were originally used to play games.

J W Gray created a high resolution tarot card deck using public domain images and some creations of his own. The main idea of the deck is that most of the cards are regular playing cards (Ace, Jack, Queen, King, etc.). A tarot deck technically uses a regular deck of cards plus 22 additional “trump” (major arcana) cards that have colorful images on them. The inspiration of this deck is that the regular cards look like the playing cards we are familiar with in the USA.

Download my Free Tarot Ebook:  Introduction_to_Tarot_Reading.pdf

  • History of Tarot and Card Meanings
  • Tarot Card Instructions
  • Tips for Learning Tarot Cards
  • Learning the Cards through the Art of Storytelling
  • Tarot Cards Can Enhance Your Intuition
  • Picking a Significator
  • About Love Tarot Readings
  • Tarot Spreads

Excerpt from Introduction to Tarot Reading

Reading Tarot cards is all about sensing and feeling, not interpreting a card from a book! Professional clairvoyants use the Tarot as a focus and, during a reading, will seldom mention the card upon which they are focusing. Beware the reader who says, for example, "I've got the King of Cups and it means....." That reader is probably telling you something he has learned, rather than sensed or felt However, a professional might say: "Looking at the cards in front of me, I sense and feel ........" which will prove he is a genuine clairvoyant. [Continue Reading]

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Tarot Card of the Moment

My name is Tina Sawhney. I am a Psychic Counsellor. Psyche is feeling not seeing and the more relaxed you are the greater your psychic ability will be. I will help you through the tarot reading to develop your intuitive abilities, and teach you how to recognise your own psychic abilities. I give trusted readings about love, relationships, career, money, future happiness and success. Book via my website appointment scheduling software for a tarot reading.

My BSc Psychology Modules Covered: Cognitive Processes, Human Social Development, Physiological Bases of Behaviour, Psychological Experiments, Development of Language & Cognition, Psychology of the Person, Occupational Psychology, The Special Child, TV & Communications Media, Psychopathology. Project: Bulimarexia & Anorexia. Areas covered in the degree included counselling, bereavement, phobias, study of physiological and psycholgical behaviour of adults and children.

Having studied these subjects for 3 years and being a psychic tarot reader since 2003 I feel that I have the knowledge and understanding needed to help a client in distress or in need of answers or who may simply want to know where their career or relationship is heading. I am a Life Coach as I have read and studied self help guides for 30 years on relationships at the dating stage, after marriage and when marriage breaks down. I can help you attain your personal goals in careers and business. I am a Psychology and Counselling Skills Graduate so along with the skill of tarot reading I am able to use my counselling skills to help you get the outcome you want in your life.


In doing a tarot card reading for the client, I use the Rider Waite Tarot Cards Deck made up of 78 cards as I find this deck has pictures which show clearly the story of what is going on in your life. With the help of the angels, spirits and guides around me I get the answers through the tarot cards. It is hard sometimes to tell whether the person who is in your life or next to you is genuine and really your friend or just a bit jealous of you or even your enemy. They may love you or hate you. Do we all really know the answer to that question without any doubts cropping up? It is not always clear. Will your job prospects improve or will you be in the career you have always wanted to be in? I can give you the answers to these questions. See my post, "What is Tarot?" on my blog:  www.tarotcardsreader.co.uk/blog.htm

Please note: Do not attempt to deceive me by saying your reading is about X, when you really want to know about Y. In other words, don't order a reading about your "marriage" when, in reality, you're not even IN a relationship--but merely have your eye on some guy. You will be wasting my time and your money. "Fishing" to see if a reader "picks up" your real situation is a game. I don't play games when it comes to intuitive readings and I take spiritual counseling seriously. 




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